Hi there! 

My name is Laura Lindholm, and I’m a Certified Health Coach & an Aromatherapist.

I’m a wife to my British husband and a mother to our two girls and three furry dogs.

I help busy women to find a healthier & toxic free lifestyle that works for them and that they can stick to without any deprivation! 

It’s my passion to teach people to live a happier, healthier & toxic free lifestyle. I’ve been on a journey to find what worked (and what didn’t!) and I want to share that with you and I want to guide you to live a healthier and happier life. 

Ready to start? Just send me a message!

Health & Happiness,

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Laura, CHC

Laura Lindholm is a Certified Health Coach, Aromatherapist, Herbal Educator student, wife and mum to two girls. She found help from right nutrition and lifestyle and wants to help others to do the same.


Are you a wellness or coaching professional? Drop me a message and I’ll show you how you can boost your business!